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Sean McDowell





The School of Christian Thought (SCT) facilitates robust worldview discussions with acclaimed Christian leaders, and New Day Resources is happy to partner with the SCT to bring those discussions straight to you!

We invite you and your local congregation to become a Host Site for the next SCT event featuring renowned author and apologist Sean McDowell, who will help us "Define Truth in a Post-Truth World." 

By hosting a local screening of this event at your church, you can promote spiritual growth within your community and provide a great opportunity for your members to invite their friends to visit and be encouraged. And the best part? It's completely FREE to join!

  • Host Site Live Broadcast: April 18th at 7pm (Central Time)

  • Replay (Host Site Access): April 18th – 28th

A church auditorium full of people watching a presenter talking on a screen.
4 Ways to Participate

As a Host Site, there are lots of ways you can prepare for your own local screening of this special School of Christian Thought Event!

Home Watch Party

Invite a group of 4-10 friends and neighbors over to watch this special presentation with you. You might provide some light refreshments or invite everyone to bring a favorite snack. After listening to the School of Christian Thought presentation, discuss it together as a group.

Coffee House Style Event

Invite 10-30 people to gather in a casual setting at the church building. You might set up your fellowship hall with round tables and chairs and a coffee and snack bar. Watch the School of Christian Thought presentation on a large TV or with a video projector. After the presentation, have each table discuss it as a group.

Seminar Event

Invite 30+ people to come watch the School of Christian Thought presentation on the big screen in your auditorium. Consider planning some local congregational singing right before the program starts. Following the presentation, you could have a local panel discussion about the content and local application.

Special Class Session(s)

Select one or more Bible classes that would benefit from the topic of the School of Christian Thought presentation. They can watch the presentation within 10 days of the live event and then use it to start local discussion within their class. It could even be the beginning of a class study of a related book.

A crowd of people in a watching an SCT speaker on a screen in a darkened auditorium.
A row of young women with their Bibles and notebooks open as they listen to a SCT speaker.
Classroom full of men and women sitting and listening to their teacher introduce the SCT on their TV screen.
Several rows of people laughing as they listen to an SCT speaker.
Two men with their Bibles open, listening to an SCT speaker.
The backs of a man and a woman worshiping before an SCT event.
"True for You, but Not True for Me"

Defining Truth in a Post-Truth World

We live in a "post-truth" culture that cares more about feelings than facts. Is truth really about what we think or how we feel? Come find the answers with Sean McDowell who will help us unpack the "truth" about truth!


Thursday, April 18th @ 7PM (Central Time)

We will have a few minutes of worship before Sean McDowell takes the stage, and there will be a Q&A session after his presentation. (Talk with our SCT Coordinator if you'd like to submit a question for the Q&A!)


April 18th – 28th

Sign up as a Host Site to get access to the replay, which you can use to host your own local event on a day that works with your church's schedule.


When you sign up as a host-site, you'll receive personalized support from our dedicated School of Christian Thought Coordinator. 

Here's what you can expect:

🪧 Promotional Materials: We provide customizable graphic templates through Canva, making it easy for you to promote your event to your congregation and community!

🎥 Livestream and Replay Instructions: Our team will provide clear instructions on how to access the livestream of the event as well as the replay.

💬 Discussion Questions: To facilitate meaningful conversations, we'll provide you with discussion questions that you can share with small groups or use during or after your event.

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