SEPTEMBER 9-10, 2021


David Young
David Young
Jonathan Storment
Jonathan Storment
Kevin Owen
Kevin Owen
Orpheus Heyward
Orpheus Heyward
Quenshawn Nelson
Quenshawn Nelson
Robert Cox
Robert Cox


FRIDAY 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Abby Rosser

Online Church

John Magnuson and Abby Rosser
John Magnuson

DBS 101

David Baker
David Baker

Disciple Making Movements

John King

Bobby Harrington and David Young

Learning to Think Small

Joe Roberts and Trish Waldron

Women's Ministry

Cindy Patton

Discipleship: The Next Generation

Robert Cox

Celebrate Recovery

Tony Holt

Turning Everyday Conversations Into Spiritual Conversations

Woody Biggs

Young Ministers

David Hunzicker, Russell Rigsby, and Ben Beavers


Shawn Frazier


Shawn Frazier
Shawn Frazier


Amy Sain
David Skidmore


David Skidmore and Blake Boggs
David Skidmore
Glenn Robb

Church Planting

Glenn Robb
Glenn Robb


John Magnuson and Milton Stanley
David Young


David Young
David Young


Kimball Bullington

Prayer & Pastoral Ministry

Tim Haddock and Tammy Sandlin

THURSDAY 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM



1 ticket per individual

+ $29 for Extended Saturday Sessions


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The New Day Conference aims to encourage and equip church leaders young and old with the 
resources they need to make disciples in the 21st century.

Come spend the weekend in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at North Boulevard Church of Christ as we dive into 2 Timothy 2:2. Learn from the experience of seasoned disciple-makers, and get your hands on a variety of tools and resources that you can begin using as soon as you return to your home congregation! Not able to travel? No problem! For the first time ever, we are offering both in-person and online options for the conference!


The Living Color Conference
The Living Color Conference

Every person has their own unique set of God-given personality traits. When united, we can combine our individual strengths to further God’s kingdom. At this conference, you’ll learn about the different “color” personalities and how each one plays a vital role in the body of Christ. Come gain the tools you need to strengthen your staff, ministry team, & congregation members to be effective in the mission of King Jesus. Men and women are both welcome to attend. Presented by Rhonda Beckham, Debbie Mankin, Cindy Patton, and Dr. Tiffany Rogers (authors of Colorfully Constructed).

Every Believer A Witness
Every Believer A Witness

We are not all evangelists, but all of us are called to be witnesses. Come discover a tool that will help every member of your church testify about the power of God in their own lives as they share the Good News with others. Presented by Tony Holt.

The Path To Discipleship
The Path To Discipleship

The Path to Discipleship is a series of studies designed to help people learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  It helps them navigate the process of becoming Jesus’ students and teaches them a biblical plan of salvation. Presented by father and son, Robert Cox and Kerry Cox.

SATURDAY 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

[In-Person Only]


We’re giving a free book to everyone who registers for the conference! Check out your choices below and signify your selection when you complete the registration form.

A New Day Conference Classic!
New Day: Restoring the Revolutionary Mission of Christ’s Church

David M. Young

Jesus’ final command must be our first priority.

Making disciples is the sole mission of Christ’s church. But many of us find it very difficult to remain focused on this mission— there are so many other things competing for our attention. As a result, many American denominations and fellowships are in decline. Some appear to be in a death spiral. Even the churches of Christ are losing members: 200 people leave the churches of Christ every week, and every week in America a church of Christ goes out of business forever. Is the sun setting on Christianity in the West?

Not on our watch.

This book is a call for us to return to Christ’s revolutionary mission for His church. Let’s become fully mature followers of Jesus Christ. Let’s be transformed by His Word, through repentance, discipline, and obedience. Let’s become fishers of people, going out into the whole world with a message that we truly believe is good news. The times ahead may be difficult, but this will be our finest hour.

In fact, maybe the sun isn’t setting after all. With a restored perspective, we may see it’s actually rising. It’s a new day, and the Light of the World will soon make all things new.

New Day: Restoring the Revolutionary Mission of Christ’s Church
New Resource!
Colorfully Constructed: How God Builds His Kingdom with Unique Personality Colors

Rhonda Beckham, Debbie Mankin, Cindy Patton, and Dr. T. D. Rogers

God made you to be unique. He hand selected every aspect of your personality as a way of equipping you with the tools you need to complete the mission He has prepared for you. But sometimes those personality traits can be ignored, misunderstood, or ultimately underutilized. What God intended to be your strength can be mistaken as a weakness, crippling your abilities as a disciple of Jesus Christ. If you could gain a better understanding of the unique personality traits God has given to you and those around you, then you could strengthen the effectiveness of your ministry and entire congregation.

Colorfully Constructed provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the four personality colors, a simple tool used to identify those colors in yourself and others, and the value of personality diversity in Kingdom work.

Colorfully Constructed: How God Builds His Kingdom with Unique Personality Colors

1112 N Rutherford Blvd | Murfreesboro, TN 37130


The New Day Conference is conducted and hosted by North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, Tennessee every fall. 

We also offer an online option for those who are unable to travel.

In the spring, we usually hold a smaller workshop at a Christian University.

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Embassy Suites
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Tru by Hilton
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Home2 Suites by Hilton
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Doubletree by Hilton
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Courtyard by Marriott
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Hampton Inn & Suites
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Comfort Suites
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Holiday Inn Express
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Holiday Inn
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Hilton Garden Inn
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Fairfield Inn & Suites
175 Chaffin Place, 615-849-1150

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