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Bobby Harrington

Our good friend Bobby Harrington started Renew to be a collaborative network of Christians that equips millions of disciples, disciple makers, and church planters among all ethnicities.

This network produces lots of articles, videos, books, ebooks, and more! You should definitely check them out!

And we highly recommend the Real Life Theology book, which is a collection of 13 short theology books written by various authors, including David Young.

About the Author

Bobby is the point-leader of and, which are both collaborative, disciple-making organizations. He is the founding and Lead Pastor of Harpeth Christian Church. He has an M.A.R. and an M.Div. from Harding School of Theology and a D.Min. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of many books on discipleship, including DiscipleShift (with Jim Putman and Robert Coleman), The Disciple Maker’s Handbook (with Josh Patrick), and Becoming a Disciple Maker (with Greg Wiens). He lives in the Nashville area with his wife, where their children and grandchildren also live.

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