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On Gender: What the Bible Says About Men and Women – and Why it Matters

Renée Sproles

Being male and female means much more than figuring out who’s “in charge” or whether men or women get to perform certain roles. Far from being bad news, God’s word on gender is great news when we live as he intended.

Not pitting one gender against another—elevating women or men above the other—On Gender charts a third way: the way of embracing and enjoying our gender differences. Amid the arguments of rigid complementarians and liberal egalitarians, find clarity by reading this book. Renée Sproles challenges both men and women by inviting them to obey Scripture with imagination and joy. Brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, church leaders and lay persons alike will find in this book a fresh and winsome perspective on what it means to be male and female. We can glorify God in our daily lives and bring out the best in each other to give the world an in-the-flesh picture of Christ and the church.
“Biblically grounded and winsome, On Gender offers a generous and beautiful picture of complementarianism for the 21st century. It’s not a mere list of prohibitions and restrictions but rather a lovely portrait of how God has designed males and females to live together in such a way that each person is elevated to their fullest dignity. Read this book and live its truths.”

—DAVID YOUNG, Senior Minister, North Boulevard Church of Christ

“This books contains the best explanation of husband-wife relationships I have ever read. It’s a much-needed woman’s perspective that I will surely use in my own marriage and in counseling with married couples. Many of us never received sufficient instructions in this area, and boy do we need it. Sproles is spot-on.”

—GEOFF GIESEMANN, Spiritual Growth Minister, Burnt Hickory Church of Christ

“On Gender is filled with relevant Scriptures and accurate interpretations, consistently buttressed with simple explanations of Hebrew and Greek words. If your congregation is struggling with this issue, use this resource in your church classes as well in your youth and college programs. Unlike any book I know on this subject, this one is uniquely both scholarly and self-confessional.”

—JOHN HARRIS, former Orlean Bullard Beeson Professor of Education, Samford University

About the Author

RENÉE WEBB SPROLES and her husband, David, married in 1992 and have taught parenting classes together for twenty years. A homeschooling mother of two, Renée helped launch the Discipleship Tutorial in 2016 as part of North Boulevard Church’s School of Christian Thought. Discipleship Tutorial is dedicated to academic excellence, building a Christian worldview, and mentoring students. She is passionate about cooking, happy families, and homeschooling—all done as unto the Lord.

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