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Male & Female

Renée Sproles


Male and Female is for those with curiosity about what it means to be male and female today—and with courage to follow where the evidence leads. Make no mistake about it: this exploration calls for courage. Led by Renée Webb Sproles, the team of writers for Male and Female delve into such questions as:

Is someone’s gender set for life—or is it socially constructed?
Does the Bible really teach wives to submit to their husbands?
How can churches be a place where men and women are equally valued?
This book is a user-friendly, topical guidebook, so that you can explore your questions as they arise. Sproles has brought together a team of experts in biblical scholarship, cultural trends, church leadership, and counseling in order to put together a God-honoring resource that encourages curiosity and cultivates courage.

With the help of Bobby Harrington, Renée also wrote a companion book "Five Conversations on Men and Women for Church Leaders," which is perfect for small groups to use as a discussion guide!

About the Author

Renée Webb Sproles is from Murfreesboro, TN, where she directed The School of Christian Thought for five years at North Boulevard Church. She is a 15-year homeschool veteran. She is also a founder and co-director of the Discipleship Tutorial in Murfreesboro, where she has taught government, economics, personal finance, health, study skills, English grammar, and writing. She is the mother of two grown children, Houston and Emma, who is married to Thomas Goodwyn. With her husband, David, Renée has co-taught parenting classes for 20 years and currently teaches a marriage and family class of 100 students each week. Renée is the author of On Gender: What the Bible Says about Men and Women (Renew, 2019).

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